Amazon River

13 Apr, 2009

The Great Amazon River If the Amazon Rainforest is the world’s forest, then the Amazon River is no doubt the world’s river. Of course, this does not mean to imply that everyone else has the right to the Amazon River, since the Amazon River is within the territory of seven South American countries. However, with […]

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Iguazu Falls

07 Apr, 2009

The “Great Water” that is the Iguazu Falls Waterfalls are sure to attract tourists and visitors. Perhaps this is because the unusual form of this natural wonder and how the water flows from the rock formation. The sight of waterfalls is truly worth all the trouble of the travel. Waterfalls aren’t exactly rare, since most […]

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Colca Canyon, Peru

04 Apr, 2009

Colca Canyon, Peru’s Little Known Wonder When talking about canyons, Peru’s Colca Canyon wouldn’t come up in the conversation. This is quite expected, considering that it isn’t quite as popular as America’s Grand Canyon or China’s Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon. In fact, even in Peru, the Colca Canyon isn’t considered as one of the most […]

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Amazon Rainforest

31 Mar, 2009

The Amazon Rainforest: The World’s Forest Of course, the Amazon Rainforest is mainly located in Brazil—although parts of it overlap in the territory of other countries. However, it is safe to say that the Amazon Rainforest is the world’s forest, which means to say more than these countries it also belongs to the world. Consider […]

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Martinique, Caribbean

15 Mar, 2009

Martinique is a French island located across the eastern part of the vast Caribbean Sea. It is one of the overseas departments of France. It is unique because the island is washed by no less than the Atlantic Ocean in the east. The west is touched by the tourist friendly Caribbean. In contrast, Martinique is […]

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Caracas, Venezuela

13 Mar, 2009

Caracas is the capital and biggest city in the Latin American country of Venezuela. The population of about 4 million makes the city the most populated center in the country as well. To tourists, Caracas is best known as a cultural center. The place is a living museum of modern art. Its importance in South […]

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Panama City, Panama

04 Mar, 2009

Panama City is considered the most cosmopolitan among all capital cities in Central America. It is the capital and biggest city in the Republic of Panama, the southernmost country in North America. For the past 8 years, the city has been on International Living Magazine’s list of top 5 preferred retirement places in the world. […]

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Riviera Maya

22 Jan, 2009

Riviera Maya is known to be one of the most blossoming islands in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It offers the tropical Caribbean feel, along with the white sands, the pristine crystal-clear beaches, and all-inclusive beach resorts. Moreover, besides the beaches, there are also ecological and historical sites. The greens have been converted to golf […]

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Cancun, Mexico

15 Jan, 2009

Cancun is an island that forms part of the Yucatan Peninsula. It also belongs to Mexico. Because of its exquisite natural beauty, it’s becoming to be one of the most well-loved tourist spots in Southern America. It is also very rich in history, as it’s considered to be the portal to Mayan civilization. If you’re […]

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Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

12 Jan, 2009

Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest cities in the South American continent. Once the capital of Brazil during Portuguese occupation, the city is home to a lot of attractions to make a holiday away from home and work feel satisfactory. Find out how you can make the best of your vacation in Rio […]

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