San Diego State University – What does it Offer? When thinking of Universities and all that they have to offer one of the most popular schools that come to mind is San Diego State University. This school was founded in 1897 but the original name for it was the San Diego Normal School. It is […]

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The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro is the greatest public University in Brazil and is considered to be one of the most important academic institutions in Latin America. It is located in the city of Rio, and features 3 different educational venues, as well as two buildings […]

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Exploring the Florida International University Florida International University, also known as FIU, is one of the most famous and accredited Universities in the USA, known mostly for the large research projects launched by professors and researchers. It is located in Miami and is the first public University in the area. It opened in 1972 featuring […]

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