Chill Ville Restaurant

16 Apr, 2010

Cebu City Restaurant

Cebu folks love to eat good tasty foods; that is why there are many restaurants in Cebu offering a wide range of fine dining. You can also find bread stores in almost all the corners of the metropolis that will make you think that Cebuanos are fond of breads. One of the best restaurants in this famous city in the Visayan region is Chill Ville restaurant which is very popular for “silog” meals. Chill Ville serves the best “silog” meals among other restaurants in town and even if you take them 3 times a day as what the folks are doing, you won’t hesitate coming back.

When you speak of good food, good time, and fine music, you will be referred to Chill Ville without 2nd thoughts by anyone that you ask for. This is because these factors are what this restaurant is actually famous for. Everyone appreciates the reggae concert, sting, coldplay, and concert videos of U2 which are ongoing while you are enjoying the taste of native delicacies spread out in your table. One unique feature of Chill Ville is that the owners are musicians too, and they love to entertain you with their own version of Visayan music and country songs.

While drinking beer or fine wine and listening to the music, you cannot resist eating delicious cold cats or “pulutan.” The main menu course is served when you are ready to taste the steaming foods which are available at affordable prices. The guests are oftentimes full with drinks and cold cats that only a small space in their stomachs can only accommodate the main course.

So, this is an important tip for you to consider when you visit Chill Ville; drink beers slowly and take “pulutan” graciously one at a time even if they taste so good, allowing you to enjoy eating the “silog” meals which is considered the real thing.

Address: 2005 Mango Square Open Plaza, Mango Ave., Cebu City, Philippines

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