The Smoky Mountains Park which is a part of Appalachian mountains, celebrate its 75 anniversary, which will attract even more tourists to this famous among tourists place for walks and rest. One of the interesting facts are that it received its name because if the bluish fog shrouding the mountains. This fog is sated by the original aroma allocated by the local vegetation.

A variety of wildlife here is amazing. Over 1400 kinds of grassy plants decorate the mountain meadows from spring till the autumn, and in woods more than 120 kinds of trees grow.

However, many tourists come here basically to observe animals which diversity is a big in mountains; in this wide open space it is easy to notice them from a big distance. A black bear is widespread here— a population of this predator in the park territory counted about 1600.

Another symbol of the big Smoky Mountains is a salamander. In the park there are 30 of these amphibious kinds, including so-called marsh devil — the largest salamander of the North America, which is more than 70 cm in length.

In Smoky Mountains Park there are also magnificent falls. Certainly, their sizes are not so great as the falls of Niagara and Josemiti, however they are very beautiful. In this region since a long the the Cherokee Indians live. Today the Cherokee reservation is near to southern border of the park belongs.

The tourists will also have the possibility to visit the unique palace constructed in the style of French Renaissance, which consists of 250 rooms, a rare collection of arts, and surprising gardens with fountains. Wine tasting in palace cellars is possible.

75 anniversary of the Smoky Mountains Park will be a reason for many people to stop their daily life and to turn to the nature for rest.

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