New passports are required from June 1 for the citizens of Mexico, who wish to cross the United States’ border. The Mexicans should have high-tech documents issued in order to increase the US security. Actually these restrictions include not only the Mexican, but also the Canadian border with USA.

After the terrorist attacks on the September 11 the 9/11 Commission offered some necessary changes to avoid future tragedies. Until today these changes had not operated because of some worries on behalf of state officials, who thought that such new rules will stop the people’ flow and will affect the economy of the border cities.

From this Monday the Americans should apply for new passports or in case they would like to cross the US border by car, they should have special driver’s licenses according to the new restrictions. Some of tourists who learned about the new laws consider these rules as not much “friendly”, which will cause their inconvenience in passing the border.

But according Mike Williams, who is the local Blaine resident, these rules are necessary because of the unsafely world we live in.

The new border restrictions can cause a headache to people, who still don’t learn about the Commission measures to increase the security level in USA. In front of one of the Texas local courthouses there is a long line of people, who hurry up to apply for the new documents. But according to the officials, the operation of the new rules will be smooth and without big problems. People will soon adjust to the new requirements and will take them as a normal measure for their own safety.

Those people who try to cross the border without the required new passport will be warned and after paying a background check, he will be allowed to enter in USA. The new rules also include the Sea border.

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