River Corrib

30 May, 2009

Travel to River Corrib

River Corrib

This river runs through the beautiful country of Ireland and is one of the shortest rivers in Europe, being only about six kilometers long in total. Even though this body of water is fairly short, it packs a powerful punch and is also one of the most forceful rivers in Europe. The river is located in the western part of Ireland and runs through Galway to the Galway Bay and if you are going to travel to the River Corrib you will be able to see the all the beauty along its path from beginning point to ending destination.

The people of Ireland sometimes call this river An Ghaillimh, which translates directly to mean The Galway, a simple name of the river that indicates the place it travels through. The town is also definitely an attraction because it has grown around the river and the scenic views are a big part of the culture. You can find information about the River Corrib in many different travel guides because it is famous because of many old water wheels that once helped to power the town and contributed to the growth of industry in this place which takes its name from the river itself.

There are actually two parts to the river, called upper and lower Corrib. Each of these two namesakes carries with it a distinct personality defined by the landmarks and sites of the River Corrib that are found on either part of it, such as bridges and tributaries. There is only one actual tributary of the river and that is called Castle Stream, which empties into the lower part of the river. The names of a few notable bridges are The Salmon Weir Bridge, The William O’Brien Bridge, and The Wolf Tone Bridge, each of which is distinctly beautiful and charming in its own way.

River Corrib

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