Because of the inadequate forecasts of the Britain’s weather service, which did not predict the warm weather this week, the Bournemouth’s tourism suffer losses because of the lack of tourists and respectively their money. The tourism chief of this beautiful seaside town is angry because of the poorly made forecast, which made visitors to stay away from the resort.

Instead of gloomy and wet weather on Monday, as it should be per forecast, Bournemouth has a sunny and warm day, which even is defined as one of the days with the best weather. The temperature reaches 23 C, which completely upset the owner because of the eventual benefits he would have if the forecast was correct.

The city of Bournemouth is just in 110 miles southwest of London and according Mark Smith who is the local tourism head namely this forecast kept the tourists away from his city. He believes there definitely would be a stream of visitors if they knew for a good weather beforehand. This is the reason for him to make publicly complaining because of the inadequate forecasts. All hotels, shops and restaurants owners have losses because of the empty beaches in this coastal resort city.

Because of the great weather, British media and newspapers publish special features about the brilliant sunny day, in which the temperature is just with one degree cooler than in such famous vacation places as warm southern Spain.

Barry Gromett who is the guilty forecaster admitted that the forecast was not completely accurate, but he underlined that it was right for six of seven days. Furthermore, the location of the tourist town, which is on the Atlantic Ocean coast, makes it difficult to predict accurately, because the weather there is quite changeable. T

The other thing according Gromett, which influences of the weather in this region, is the close situation of European continent. The weather in Britain, he said, is “our Achilles heel”, because there can be seasons in one day. All this makes forecasting quite difficult for precise predictions.

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