Puerto Rico

25 May, 2009

Puerto Rico – Land of Enchantment

Puerto Rico

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or more simply Puerto Rico, is an independent and unincorporated territory attached to the United States of America. It is actually an archipelago that contains the main, and larger, island as well as several small keys and islands. In popular culture, it is often called the Land of Enchantment. Originally colonized by the Spanish, the United States invaded the island of it during the Spanish American War.

United States controlled the island until 1947, when this territory was granted the right to elect their own governor. Travel guides about Puerto Rico state that the primary source of economic growth for the island is pharmaceuticals, agriculture and technology. It has been particularly lucky because of the tax arrangement they have with the United States. The culture of the nation is a unique blend of four different cultures. These are African, Taino, Spanish and North American. Much of these influences can be seen on the music of it.

Its official bird is the Puerto Rican Spindalis, its flower is the Flor de Maga and the official tree is the Kapok. The main symbol of pride is the Coqui. In it, several sports are very popular. The first of these is Baseball. Other important sports are volleyball, boxing and basketball. Boxing is huge there and they are the global leader for champions.

The literacy rate in the nation is nearly 95% and the country boasts several large universities, most notably the University of it. This large university has eleven separate campuses. Many people travel to Puerto Rico, making tourism another important industry of the nation. Nearly five million people visit the country each year, making it one of the most popular places to visit. Its vast and varied culture and history are the main reasons for this.

Puerto Rico

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