Due to the diseases caused by unclean water, the water tests were conducted. It was held in the seventh wettest British summer starting Mat until September 2008. According to the result of nationwide water quality test, only half of the beaches in UK are recommended for swimming and almost half of in Britain are not. In addition, six of Wales’ 180 beaches failed, one in seven of 109 beaches did not much the standard and only one out of 18 beaches in Isle man was recommended.

Mr. Bell stated that flood water had mixed with sewage overflows and polluted storm water from farms and cities. He added that today’s results reflect last summer’s heavy rain which swept waterborne pollutants like raw sewage, petrochemicals and farm waste into rivers and the sea. The conducted water test is because of their concern that the existing infrastructure for handling storm pollution may not be up to the job, according to him.

In May last year the Telegraph weighed in behind a long-running campaign by MCS and Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) to stop Guernsey pumping 15,000 tones of raw sewage into the sea every day. This damaged the island’s reputation, which serves as a tourist destination, quite apart from the environmental and health impacts.

The danger caused by polluted water may infect your eye, ear, throat and skin. Mr. Bell stated that there are some good stretches of coastline namely in the South-West, Jersey, parts of the Norfolk coast. However, you can literally flip a coin to see whether it is a good or bad beach for swimming.

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