Saint Vincent

22 May, 2009

St. Vincent – Home of the Pirates of the Caribbean

Saint Vincent

Located in the large island chain of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Vincent is the largest of all of the islands in the chain. Considered to be a volcanic island, it is located between Grenada and St. Lucia. It has one active volcano, La Soufriere. Like St. Lucia, it was a hotly contested territory between the English and the French. Great Britain retained control of the island from 1783 until 1979 when the island gained its independence. Christopher Columbus sighted the island on January 22nd and thus named it St. Vincent, as January 22 is the feast day of Portugal’s patron saint, Vincent of Saragossa. This lower-middle income economy is primarily driven by agriculture.

In particular, the Banana is the most important agricultural product. A growing industry on the island is the service sector. This industry is quickly growing as tourism rates continue to rise. The government has been unsuccessfully in introducing new business enterprises into the economy and the island suffers from on unemployment rate of nearly 23%.

It is interesting to note that all three of the movies from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise have been filmed on the island. This has increased tourism to the area and greatly increased revenues. The official language of it is English, although many of the citizens speak a local dialect known as Vincentian Creole.

English is typically used in formal settings such as work, school and government, while Creole is spoken at home or in more informal places. It has its own football league and a national football team. A popular place to travel to, travel guides tell us that St. Vincent is the only nation on earth that has both white sand beaches and black sand beaches, making one of the most interesting and popular places to visit in the Caribbean.

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