22 May, 2009

Matanzas – The Sugar City of Cuba


Matanzas is one of the most known cities of Cuba. It is situated at the northern shore of Cuba on the Matanzas Bay, 90 km away from the capital city of Havana and 32 kilometres away from Varadero, the biggest resort of Cuba.

Matanzas is mostly known as a resort town, due to the wonderful Bay. It is also referred to as the city of bridges, as it features 17 bridges that cross the three rivers of the city, called San Juan, Canimar and Rio Yumuri. The city can be found as Venice of Cuba due to the numerous crossings featured. Another name of the city is Atenas, as the city boasts a large number of poets and novelists.

The natural beauty and convenient location of Matanzas are its main advantages that make it so popular among tourists. Variety of its topography makes it unique and special. Rolling hills and plains, large fields of sugar crops and a deep bay are the main characteristics of this city.

Cuba is anyway known for its sandy beaches, the crystal clear waters and the lovely architecture. Same applies to this Bay and the homonym city; friendly and hospitable people, reasonable prices and Afro-Cuban culture make the city stand out as a tourist resort and destination. There are numerous resort hotels and guest houses in the area, known for their services, but mostly for the welcoming way they treat the tourists who travel to the city.

Matanzas features a large number of attractions except for the Bay; the Pharmaceutical Museum is one of the most well preserved pharmacy and chemist shops in the world, the Cathedral of San Carlos, the Bella-mar Cavern, the Provencal Historical Museum and many more. The scenic province promises its tourists a wonderful experience and an unforgettable experience in a place unspoilt from tourism, as we know it in the richer Western countries.


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