22 May, 2009

Marinduque – The Island Province of the Philippines


Marinduque is a small province – islet of the Philippines, situated at the Mimaropa region in Luzon. The capital, and largest city, Boac concentrates the majority of the population of the island, which lies between the Tayaba Bay and the Sibuyan Sea. The particularity of this island is that it is heart shaped and covers an area of 960 sq miles, which makes it the 13th biggest island of the Philippines complex.

The island of Marinduque is a relatively flat island although it features one high peak which is approximately 1157 meters high. The name of this mountain is Malindig and is considered to be an active volcano.

The residents of the island are of Tagalog origin and this is the official language of the islet. The language has undergone many changes and has accepted quite many alterations and influences from nearby islands, such as the Visaya. The other two languages widely spoken in the island are English and Filipino.

Despite the fact that the island is not very known to foreigners it features some serious amount of tourists every year – according to the locals people who visit Marinduque are somewhat ‘travellers’ not simple tourists. This means that the island is visited by people who like to travel to new locations and meet new cultures and civilizations that are unspoilt from the tourism industry. Locals have understood though the importance of tourism and are very hospitable and friendly to foreigners. There is, actually, a typical welcoming theme, called putong. This is a local custom of welcoming tourists and visitors, crowning them with flowers, or throwing them flower petals.

The island of Marinduque has two main seasons; the first one is the dry season which lasts from November to February and the other is the season of rain, from June to late October. From February to June, there is a transitional period which looks like our fall.

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