21 May, 2009

Manila – the Diverse Capital of the Philippines


Manila, or as it is called in Filipino Maynila, is the capital city of the Republic of the Philippines. It is situated at the shore of Manila Bay and is the commercial and financial hub of the country. It is home to approximately 13 million people, including the other thirteen cities that compound the Metro Area. Just the capital has approximately 2 million residents being the most densely populated city in the world. However, Quezon is the most populous city in the islands of Philippines.

Manila is located almost a thousand kilometres away from Hong Kong and 2,000 km away from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The official language in the city is Filipino or Tagalog, although English is widely used, both in everyday life and in education, as the city is a mixture of foreigners and locals. There are many international businesses in the city and thousands of Europeans and Americans who live and work permanently in the city. Many people speak Spanish as well, as the language used to be the second official language of the country until 1987.

Manila is known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and diversity; in every travel guide about this city you will find interesting information on arts, music, literature and painting that depict the influences of the colonial times. Cultural diversity is also reflected in the temples and religious places that are scattered all over the city. The Philippines are among the few Asian countries that recognise and actually respect freedom of religion and worship for many years now. This allows people to create freely places of worship and practice their religion or dogma without any fear. You can find Christian temples mixed with Islamic ones, or even Buddhist temples and places of religious education.

Manila is a top tourist destination and offers state of art services at all levels.



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