Geologists proven that the longest natural arch in the world is Landscape Arch in Arches National Park in southeastern Utah. With yardstick, they found the true measurement of it and it spanned about 290 feet. This is three feet longer than Kolob Arch in Zion National Park

Grant Willis, which is a geological mapper at the Utah Geological Survey stated that the ranks of the top 10 arches in the world finally offers ultimate answers the arches with the longest spans. Through different criteria, others are taller or larger. However, they use other criteria to prove that Arch in Utah national park is king.

In 1988, Natural Arch and Bridge Society were formed. The discussion turned to how to best size up the arches in a definitive, standardized way. In 2004, they started the measuring. At first, they are just looking for updated measurements of some of the most well-known arches, including Landscape, Kolob and Rainbow Bridge, which is also in Utah.

At Arches National Park, home to more than 2,000 arches, officials have never claimed Landscape is the longest and will not begin doing so now.

After Landscape and Kolob, there are other arches on the group’s top 10 list are including Aloba Arch in the Sahara Desert; Wrather Arch in Arizona’s Paria Canyon; Morning Glory Natural Bridge in Moab, Utah; Rainbow Bridge at Rainbow Bridge National Monument in Utah; Sipapu Natural Bridge in Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah; Stevens Arch near Utah’s Escalante River; Outlaw Arch in Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado; and Snake Bridge in Sanostee, N.M.

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