20 May, 2009

Dominica – The Volcano Island of the Caribbean


Dominica is a renowned island of the Caribbean Sea, lying at the eastern part of the archipelago, between Guadeloupe and Martinique. It covers an area of 290 sq miles and its population hardly reaches the 72,000 people. Although most of the residents live in the capital city of Roseau, the island is sparsely populated. However, as all the islands of the Caribbean archipelago, this one is also one of the most touristic islands in the world, as thousands of tourists travel there every year, all year long.

The official name of the island is the Commonwealth of Dominica; the name has caused quite many misunderstandings though, as many people tend to confuse it with another island of the archipelago, the Dominican Republic. The original name of the island was Waitukubuli, given by the native Indians who lived on the island. The word means tall body in the local language.

The main characteristic of this island are the lush greenery and the tropical forests that cover the biggest part of the island; flora and fauna on the island are rich and diverse and according to studies, more than 1,300 different species of plants and animals live there.

Nature is splendid in Dominica and the environment is more than impressive: ponds, lakes, rivers and waterfalls compose a lovely habitat, not only for the numerous animals, but also for the locals and the visitors of the island. Trafalgar Falls are among the most known attractions on the island and definitely a recommended spot in every travel guide. There are also a few sandy beaches, although the rocky ones are considered to be much more beautiful and gripping.

Dominica is a volcano island, therefore the shape and structure of the island is quite interesting. It is shows high geo-thermal activity, though, since the volcano is active.


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