Air travel as we have known is about to change sooner than later, with some airlines considering putting a charge on passengers who use their toilets on while airborne. All these and a few more absurd measures are strategies of retaining a little extra buck due to plummeting profits. Other budget carriers are contemplating a surcharge on passengers they consider overweight and have passengers carry their own baggage as they board planes. It’s already an open secret that travelers are already paying extra foe every little convenience they enjoy.

The UK’s Ryanair already leads the pack in cost -cutting measures after announcing plans to do way wit check-in counters and baggage carriers and is reported to have asked Boeing to design credit –card operated toilets. Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary is reported to have said that passengers had the option of visiting the washrooms before taking or wait until they land, the alternative of course would be to pay a fee to use the toilet in flight.

Hot on he heels of United Airlines, Ryanair is also contemplating a “fat tax” as well as charging a small fee for toilet paper and the privilege to smoke in a designated compartment on board. American Airlines is withdrawing many small luxuries that were synonymous with flying are the aim to save at least $500,000 in the process. As much as travelers could be benefitting from fares that seem to be headed downwards, the consumer protector CHOICE encourages passengers to be on the lookout fro extra fees here and there that may increase there travelling costs significantly.

“The cost of flying is lower than it was a year ago due to competition and the downturn,” CHOICE representative Christopher Zinn Lamented. “People have more choice which is generally a good thing but there is no doubt that things bundled into flights before are gone.” He intimated that there could be additional costs and they could eventually augment the costs that were thought to be coming down. These additional charges will eventually make budget flying loose its niche.

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