The Kampong

18 May, 2009

Visiting the Kampong in Miami

the Kampong

Situated on the Biscayne Bay in Florida the Kampong is one of the largest botanical gardens in the US and the world. It contains a vast array and variety of flora and fauna and some of the most breathtaking species in the world. It covers an area of 30,000 sq meters in the area of Coconut Grove in Miami and belongs to an non profit organisation called the National Tropical Botanical Garden, which owns four more gardens in the US.

The name of the Kampong comes from the Asian word that stands for the village; it is either Malaysian or Javanese. According to the historical facts the first plant ever brought and planted on this area came from Malaysia, as a collector who was visiting the Asian countries back in the 1900s decided to bring some of these rare species with him. The Garden was developed and enhanced by the following owner and curator who decided to give the ownership to the Non profit organisation.

The Kampong features numerous trees and plants, among which are fruit trees, rare palms and vines as well as flowering trees. Mango trees, citrus trees and avocados can also be found in the area. The Kaffir orange tree was the first to be planted in the garden – it is relatively rare tree because the seeds contain large quantities of poison. Among the other trees found in the area are coconut trees, egg fruit trees, peanut butter fruits and other collections coming from all over the world – mostly from the Caribbean countries and Asia.

The Kampong is also used as a campus area for educational purposes. Numerous lectures and researches take place in the area, as the NTBG organises classes in the gardens for the botanical aficionados and college students. The garden is open to tourists who travel from different parts of the country and the world to see it.

the Kampong

the Kampong

the Kampong

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