The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro is the greatest public University in Brazil and is considered to be one of the most important academic institutions in Latin America. It is located in the city of Rio, and features 3 different educational venues, as well as two buildings in the heart of the city. It is also referred to as the University of Brazil, as this was its original name when it was built back in 1920s.

During this decade the educational officials of the city decided to merge the smaller educational institutions of the city and create a large and accredited University, which would set the example for every other college and university in South America. This is the reason why the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro consists of three campuses today. The governmental ambition was to create an institution that would provide state of art education and would gather the best possible professionals of the country. This became true with the introduction of the Federal University in Rio, which used to be the capital city of Brazil, before the current one, Brazilia. The President of Brazil, Epitacio Pessoa was the founder and inaugurator of the University; it became fully autonomous institution in 1945 and it was renamed to Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1965.

A few years ago a delegation of the University officially asked the government to restore the original name of the FURJ, Universidad do Brazil and the request was accepted. The idea behind the request was that the name Federal University of Rio de Janeiro was given by a military regime, which is no longer favourable in the country and reminds of unfortunate events and times. Today, if you look at a travel guide you will probably find references with both names.

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