La Defense

17 May, 2009

La Défense – The Triumphal Way Of Paris

La Defense

La Défense is the major commercial and business neighbourhood and district situated in the heart of Paris. It is located west of the Capital, at the borders of the Sur-Seine area, within the Historical Axis. Many of the taller buildings of the city are found in this district, while most of the international companies and corporate groups have their offices in the area. It covers an area of more than 315,000 sq. meters and more than 75 tall buildings with offices. For those who like numbers, more than 160,000 people work there. If you read a travel guide for Paris you will certainly find a reference to La Defense, as the largest commercial and business district in Europe.

The name of the district is derived from the homonymous statue which was placed at the area so as to commemorate the war of 1870. The officials in Paris decided to erect the Great Arch, a structure that would remind of the famous Arc de Triomphe situated in the heart of the capital city.

Although there were many plans and designs submitted and suggested for the Defence, the project was given to a Danish architect, called Van Spreckelsen who designed the new Arch in a way that looks like a cube and reminds in nothing of an Arc. The modern Arch is white and 107 meters tall. There is an observatory at the top of the building, for those who want to admire the view to the city. La Defense is situated just 4 kilometres away from downtown.

The path along the district is known as the Triumphal way. Many of the buildings featured there were built during the 30s, while building skyscrapers was still allowed. Today, there is another project referring to the modernisation of the district which will be carried out by 2015.

La Defense

La Defense

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