A large number of parents in Britain prefer to spend their family holiday during the school term and thus to risk their children education, instead of to travel during the peak season when the prices are much more expensive. made a research, according which about 31 per cent of British parents prefer to go with their children on vacation before their term is finished.

The British Government has published a regulation in 2004, according which those parents who take their children during school term will be fined with 50 pounds. If they do not pay this penalty within the period of 28 days, it rises up to 100 pounds. 20 per cent of surveyed however think this fine will not stop parents from doing this.

The main reason that forces parents to do so is saving money on holidays. Among members of a state, parents from North-East are most likely to take their children for holiday before the term is finished.

After the Government restriction started to operate, the survey’s results showed that just 18 per cent of parents were willing to take their children from school for a holiday anyway.

But the economic situation in the country now is such that parents would like to save every penny. According to Bob Atkinson, who is a representative of, parents are put to the temptation to save some of their money by taking their children just few days before their official summer vacation… and many of them decide to take the risk.

According to third of parents, the travel is a very important part of their education they don’t want to miss. Only the fifth part of parents considers travel during the school term as impermissible.

The recent reports of Telegraph Travel show that the prices for hotel rooms in Europe have raised to half this year by comparison with past year prices.

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