Air cabin crew in New Zealand participates in a raunchy advertisement, which enforces them to strip off and to have body paint and nothing more.

More than 90 members of Air staff partake in this “naked campaign” and wear just body paint. Even Rob Fyfe, who is a chief executive, partook in this cheeky ad. He then became the sexiest businessman in New Zealand.

Interesting in the advertisement is that while naked staff smiles to the shocked passengers, the song “Under my skin” sounds. Gin Wigmore, a famous native singer, sings this unusually appropriate for the situation song.

While looking at the body-painted staff, one of the passengers share with her friend that she does “love a man in uniform”.

The beverage cart or luggage hide “naughty parts” of the Air staff, but shocked and dumbfounded passengers could not hide their surprise.

“This is the most extreme thing I’ve ever done,” said another member of the Air crew.

In the ad one member of the body-painted crew declared that he feels naked, while the other said: “This is the most extreme thing I’ve ever done”.

The purpose of this strange advertisement is to reveal “the naked truth” that there is nothing to hide and that airline has no hidden extra fees for services. Thus Air New Zealand wants to show their superiority to other airlines and to attract more passengers as a result.

The ad says that the price you pay for ticket “includes everything upfront,” so you should not worry about hidden fees. Air New Zealand “fares have nothing to hide”.

Air New Zealand along with some other airlines has decided to apply some unusual ideas to attract public and media interest. Another such idea is employed by easyJet, which decided to start in-flight weddings.

This special naked campaign starts screening on Monday.

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