WASHINGTON DC Have you ever wondered what happens after dark in the corridors of a museum? Some lucky children get to find out in the coming months, because of some big promotions and travel specials taking advantage of the popularity of a Hollywood museum picture, “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.”

At the world’s largest museum center also known as the Smithsonian Institution, there is a lot of hope going around that the new movie which stars Ben Stiller, Amy Adams, Robin Williams and many others lesser known stars, will entice thousands if not millions of new visitors among the younger viewers who will wish to see to see the many artifacts of a historical nature that are kept in Washington DC and are featured in this movie. There are many Kid-friendly promotions for different products offering chances to win free trips at this time. These promotions feature an overnight adventure at the Smithsonian museum.

Many scenes in the movie are set at the National Air and Space Museum one of the most frequently visited parts of the Smithsonian complex. There are also features of the historical treasures and art from other sections on the National Mall. The movie has been set to be released to theaters May 22nd.

“Hopefully they can make history come to life,” said aeronautics curator Robert van der Linden. He’s hoping that the moving will help history to come to life for younger visitors. He reviewed the script and confirmed that film crews did not damage anything while shooting scenes in the museum.

The movie naturally is the result of movie magic, such things as the Wright brothers coming alive with their famous flyer zooming out of the museum could never have happened as the real plane could barely get off the ground. Amy Adams portrays the famous lost pilot Amelia Earhart including her bright red Lockheed plane. “This reminds people of what’s here,” the staff stated.

In this sequel of 2006 “Night at the Museum,” movie, which was set at New York’s American Museum of Natural History, Ben Stiller’s character, was security guard named Larry Daley. He travels to Washington DC to locate all of his museum friends who are immobile exhibits by day but filled with life when the sun goes down. Those exhibits were transferred from New York to a large vault under the National Mall.

From the movie trailer we get some hints about the characters encountered in Washington D.C. The roles of Darth Vader, Oscar the Grouch, even Abraham Lincoln, are added to the favorites we have seen in the original movie.

This movie is even more magical than the first offering stated a spokesperson for the Air and Space museum, one of those that have enjoyed the new film.

The Smithsonian is taking advantage of this moment as the first time to be so featured so positively in theaters across the United States.

In addition to an agreement with 20th Century Fox over creating the movie, officials representing the museum and the movie studio have created some deals with McDonald’s, Kraft, Hershey’s and Post cereals in order to make it difficult for anyone to miss this flick and create offers for the chance to visit the real museums in person. There are sweepstakes offers printed on millions of boxes of these companies products such as candy, cereals, and even macaroni and cheese that will give away free trips for kids to have a overnight adventures with their whole family at the actual Smithsonian museum. Another campaign offers to help visitors find the actual artifacts that were seen in the movie.

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