13 May, 2009

Indulge in the Beauty of Okinawa


Okinawa means a “rope in the offing” in Japanese, and is the general name given to a chain of approximately 140 islands and reefs, situated south of Japan and north of Taiwan in the East China Sea. The islands are divided into three separate geographical regions, known as the Northern, Central, and Southern Kyukyus. It itself is the largest island in the chain and is located in the Central Ryukyus region. The Southern Kyukyus are separated from the Central and Northern Ryukyus by a large expanse of open sea. Miyako Island, at the northernmost part of the southern region, is some 282 kilometers away from Okinawa Island, in the central region. Travel between the islands is easy, with ferries and planes making regular rounds.

Okinawa is referred to as honto – Main Island – and its key role in the closing months of WWII holds a continuing fascination for visitors. But for natural beauty and deeper insights into the culture of it, all the outer islands must also be considered. Their unspoiled beauty, picture-postcard perfection, dense tropical jungles make it important travel destinations.

The warm climate, fine beaches, excellent scuba diving and traces of traditional culture are the prime attractions for visitors to it. But the islands are not to be thought of as forgotten backwaters welcoming a mere handful of visitors. Local flights to and from Okinawa are maintained, and from it to other chains. Taking a travel guide to this luxurious destination would be the best vacation choice you’ll ever make.

Despite having survived centuries of mainland exploitation, and then horrific destruction during the closing months of WWII, the traditional ways of these islands has still survived the centuries. Every effort must be made to maintain the breathless beauty, spectacular sights and time-stopping appeal of this piece of heaven on earth by sensible travel planning.

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