Cork City

13 May, 2009

The Charm of Cork City, Ireland


Cork is Ireland largest county, and a breathtaking experience to indulge in the thrill of the Irish west coast. Cork city is a major port on River Lee and has established itself to be both lively and laid back at the same time, making it a perfect travel destination, offering something for everyone – young and old. The maritime history of Cork city is one to write home about, suggesting the prosperity Ireland could’ve boasted in the 18th and 19th centuries, had it not been for British designs. The main charm of Cork lies in its countryside and placid, rural backwater. As one heads west, a fabulous indented coastline is revealed, complete with hidden bays and coves of wild peninsulas, perfect for ones travel experience.

Cork is on an island, embraced on each side by the River Lee, with its suburbs spreading across gentle surrounding hills. The city is compact and charming and boasts an independence very few travel destinations can. It was a very important historical center and evidence of its rich history is present everywhere, from ancient bridges to quirky warehouses. A lot of the city’s streets were at one point, waterways.

One of the best things about Cork is its limited scale. Visitors can easily enjoy its beauty without being overpowered by the affect a huge city can have. Cork is very easily manageable on foot, and can be explored thoroughly by the adventurous traveler. Travel guides are very helpful in planning the perfect trip to this city, by completely taken care of every part of the itinerary so a travel can enjoy a blissful weekend, or a longer stay at this tranquil, yet bubbly piece of Gods earth. Cork boasts some of the best in hotels, hostels and apartments, giving you a chance to live in delightful style, without breaking the bank.

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