Shaolin Monastery

12 May, 2009

Shaolin Monastery – Where Schooled Martial Arts Begun

Shaolin Monastery

The Shaolin Monastery also known as Shaolin Temple is one of the largest Buddhist temples situated at the Song Shan Area, at the Henan Province in China. It was founded 16 centuries ago and has connected its name with the birth and development of the Shaolin art – the famous Chinese Martial Art and Culture. It is mostly known all over the world due to the Kung Fu, which is practiced in every country of the world.

It was founded in 496 during the Dynasty of Wey. It was originally built to commemorate the known monk Da Mo who was the one that founded the Chinese Chan Sect of Buddhism. The Shaolin Monastery is considered to be the birthplace of Buddism in China. However, what made it known internationally was the practice of the Shaolin Kung Fu. This art is actually the result of mixture of several other martial art philosophies; the main idea here is that the person who practices Kung Fu has to study so as to sharpen the mind and spirit and train the body. The cornerstone of this philosophy is the balanced development and enhancement of both the spirit and the body, instructing the principles of discipline and mental concentration.

The first monastery was named Batuo or Bhadra, which is the Chinese word for Buddha. It was originally built on the Mount Song which is one of the most beloved and sacred places in the Far East.

Since Kung Fu has become increasingly popular in Europe and America, numerous visitors travel to China just to visit the Shaolin Monastery, which doesn’t miss from any travel guide today. Although visitors cannot stay for long as the principles and rules in the monastery are very strict, there are short classes for tourists and lovers of the Shaolin philosophy and art.

Shaolin Monastery

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