12 May, 2009

Beijing – The Immense City of the Far East


Beijing is the capital city of the Republic of China. Opposite to common belief, it is not the largest city in the country; it is the second largest one, after Shanghai and one of the Four capital cities of the Ancient China. The country is divided into four big administrative centres and Peking, as the city is also referred to, is one of the four municipalities.

Beijing is one of the largest cultural and educational hubs in the Far East, and one of the most important transportation hubs in the country, as most of the freeways and highways that connect the city with smaller or bigger towns pass through it. The city is not considered to be the largest commercial or economical venue in the country; this title goes to Hong Kong and Shanghai. It has been though the major cultural centre in China for centuries. It is an immense city with more than 13 millions of residents and thousands of others commuting there daily to work. The majority of the residents belong to the Han Dynasty, which has dominated China for many centuries.

Beijing was the centre of attention during the Cultural Revolution in China. Despite the controversy, the Forbidden City, the house of the Emperor’s of China is still the major tourist attraction in the country. Lately the city has become a huge tourist destination, as thousands of visitors travel from all over the world to admire this unknown and unique culture.

The city hosted the Summer Olympics in 2008, amidst several appraisals and several controversial issues. Although the Olympic Games were successful many of the particularities of the city were revealed: the air pollution levels for extremely high during the games, although as it was said, an average day in Beijing the levels are 5 times higher than the standards for safety as issued by the World Health Organisation.



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