Put the Naturhistorisches Museum on your Vienna Itinerary

Naturhistorisches Museum

The Naturhistorisches Museum is the museum of Natural History in Vienna and a must see during your Austrian travels. It is a wondrous delight that will surely provide you with ample subjects to photograph. The building, in itself, is a beautiful example of Austrian architecture. When you consult your travel guide, you will note that there are sights in the Naturhistorisches Museum from crown jewels to the smallest and largest examples of life forms. There is truly an abundance of wonders on every floor to capture your attention and stimulate your imagination.

From botany to zoology, from prehistoric times to those that are more recent, the museum offers something of interest for almost any traveler. From the monstrous skeletal remains of ancient dinosaurs to the wondrous bouquet of fantastic jewels as a marital present fashioned by Maria Theresa, there is no end to the unique holding founds within the museum’s walls. Often showing special exhibits that are on loan from other fine museums around the world, the Naturhistorisches Museum is one of Vienna’s great attractions. This is the place where all of the natural history of Austria is on display for the world to see.

The museum also has programs to bring together young people and history, where they can participate in programs that are adapted to their age group. The museum bases each learning program on a mission to enlighten the younger generations on what was and what happened that shaped the world they live in today. The Naturhistorisches Museum staff will bring items from the collections into these gatherings, explaining their significance and facilitating discussion. The discussions that ensue incite the children to hypothesize about why the creature is now extinct or what made the item the treasure that it is.

Naturhistorisches Museum

Naturhistorisches Museum

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