08 May, 2009

Riyadh – The Business Core


Riyadh is the largest city in Saudi Arabia. It is Saudi Arabia’s capital. Situated in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula, it hosts 5 million souls. It covers an area of over 1000 square kilometers. The name of the city means gardens. In the past, it was a center of pilgrimage.

The city has experienced a demographic explosion. With only 150000 people in the 1960s, it now has over 5 million. The average temperatures in mid-summer are over 50°C but you can always turn on the air conditioning in your room. There are not many precipitations, so, there is no need for you to bring your umbrella.

Riyadh still has lots to offer. The Burj Al Mamlakah is a 311 meters Kingdom Tower. It is the tallest building in Saudi Arabia. The first skyscraper ever build is called Burj Al Faisaliyah. It is the second tallest building in the country. Other buildings and places you can visit are: Burj al Anoud, Ministry of Interior Building, Al Masmak Castle. You can also go to museums. National Museum of Saudi Arabia hosts the meteorite fragment “Camel’s Hump”.

Riyadh is a centre of trade and travel. Many organizations have their bases there. The buildings are styled in a modern way, and new additional buildings are being built. It is considered to be one of the biggest business cities in the Middle East.

Education is not neglected either. King Saud University, Prince Sultan University, Al Yamamah College, Al-Faisal University are just some of the many universities lying there. There are many nations mixed in the city. The majority are Sunni Muslims from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, Yemen, Sri Lanka and India.

Riyadh has a good network of transportation. If you want to travel outside the country, King Khalid International Airport is your answer. You can also travel by train, buses or the electric sky train, a new invention that seems to get more and more attention.

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