08 May, 2009

The Beautiful Bourges Countryside is Anything but Bourgeoisie


Bourges France gets in name from either the Bituiges, its original inhabitants or from the German word Burg meaning village or hill. Located in on the Yevre River in central France, it is the birth place of Berth Morisot, an important impressionist painter of the 1800’s. Centrally located in France, it is easy to find and has many fine establishments for tourists to stay in.

This historic town is loaded with medieval buildings and many shops and merchants. Every corner is home to a café and the streets are beautifully lined with trees. Especially, prevalent is the plane tree, so popular it is almost a naan national symbol. The citizens of Bourges are especially proud of their long history, especially of their favorite son, Jacques Coeur. The treasurer to King Charles VII, this man invented modern commerce and built a palace to show the merchantmen in his town that they were just as important and powerful as the ruling aristocracy. Ironically, the word ‘bourgeoisie’ denotes the entrepreneurs and merchants who managed to raise themselves up to middle class.

In the modern day, as in the past, this area is especially popular and well known for its wine. The land itself is very rich, situated between the Cher and Loire Rivers. Because of this, the wines of the region have a unique and sophisticated flavor

In addition to the rich history and wonderful wines of the region the countryside itself is especially beautiful. Many scenic views and vista’s are available into the countryside just around Brouge and a drive through the countryside to a local winery followed by a dinner at a street corner café makes for the perfect day.

Bourges is a beautiful and scenic area centrally located in France. Its rich history, beautiful countryside and renowned wines make it an ideal place to visit.

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