Guatemala City

07 May, 2009

Guatemala, the Greatest Archeological Site in the Western Hemisphere

Guatemala City

The largest city and Capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City. The citizens are primarily of Mestizo or Spanish descendents and currently number in the seven millions. There are several aboriginal populations in and around the city as well and small enclaves of Jewish, German, Argentinean, Korean and other immigrants add to the cities diverse population.

Built on Kaminalijuyu, an ancient Mayan city, the cities actually dates back some 9000 years. Considered to be one of the greatest archeological sites in the western hemisphere, the city grew up around the es ancient ruins. Sadly, some of this development took place before the government instituted policies protecting these important sites and several temples, burial mounds and other treasures are now freeways. In its early history, Guatemala was a small Spanish town which contained a monastery. Founded in 1629, El Carmen was destroyed by the earthquake of 1773 along with much of the countryside. In 1775, King Charles of Spain officially named the city as the capital.

Today, the city is not only the capital of the country; it is also the economic and cultural center. It is the main point of entry for the country and is home to La Aurora International Airport, the countries biggest airport.

With many collections of art, mostly pre-Columbian and the many archeological treasures located in and around the city, Guatemala is a favored place for tourists with a special interest in pre-Colombian history.

The city is especially interesting because of tits structure. Rigidly divided into 25 zones by the urban planners, each zone has its own street – meaning that a street in zone 1 just doesn’t exist in zone 2 -25. This makes finding addresses especially easy. Most visitors are sure to want to stop and see Zone one – the historic zone

Guatemala is a excellent ample of cities built upon ancient towns and is a treasure of history.

Guatemala City

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