Black Rock City

07 May, 2009

Black Rock City – A Different Story Every Year


In the United States of America, precisely in Nevada there is a strange phenomenon. A whole city, The Black Rock City is built every year. For a week, during Burning Man festival, it hosts more than 50000 people. The festival culminates with the burning of a 30 meter mascot known as “The Man”. Another strange but maybe good thing about the festival, is the no vending is allowed. Everybody brings their own food, water and shelter from home. If you go there, you must last for a week. You should do some research before you leave. The city is located in the Black Rock Desert, north of Reno. If you want to get there, you are advised to take the car, unless you are a very good pilot. The mountainous desert regions are very dangerous.

People who arrive in Black Rock City must leave their cars behind, parked around the city. You can always ride the bicycle to get around the city or just walk. It is a great way to stop and see many of the sights around. If you don’t like bicycles or walking, you can choose to modify your car into an art car. These art cars are modified and must be licensed by the Department of Mutant Vehicles. Many art cars can carry a lot of passengers. So, you may have the luck to be taken with one of these vehicles.

You can do many things once you are in Black Rock City. You can admire “The Man”, the central art piece and the symbol of the festival. You can visit The Temple, a beautiful meditative place dedicated usually to lost friends and relatives. You can also go to Yoga sessions, body painting, massages, roller discos and seminars. Due to the “No Vending” policy, there aren’t many places where you can buy things, except for the Center Camp Cafe. But, you don’t feel like going shopping when you are there and participate at the festival and at other activities.


Satellite Image of Black Rock City

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