05 May, 2009

Overview about History of Ottawa, Canada’s Capital


The capital of Canada, Ottawa, has a population of approximately 810,000. Originally home to the Odaawas First Nations people, Europeans first settled the region in th1800. The first settlement was started by Philemon Write who learned that transporting lumber via the river to Montreal was possible. Because of this, the region became almost exclusively a lumber town, focusing primarily on the white pine that fills the area.

A canal completed in 1832 provided a secure shipping route between Montréal and Kingston. The canal ended up dividing the region in two, with the west side becoming known as ‘Uppertown’ and the east known as ‘Lowertown. As one might expect, Uppertown, home of the parliament buildings was relatively upperscale region while Lowertown was more of a shanty town. Like many poor regions, Lowertown suffered extensively from breakouts of Cholera and Typhus in the mid 1800’s

Queen Victoria named Ottawa as the capital on December 31, 1857. This was done for several reasons. It was the only settlement on the border between east and west Canada, making it a good compromise between the two regions and their English and French citizens. Its geographical location made it easy to defend and lent itself for transportation because of the Ottawa River.

Located at the mouths of the Rideau Canal and the Rideau River, and situated on the south bank of the Ottawa River, Ottawa is surrounded by water. With a humid continental climate, the temperatures ranged from very cold to very warm, this allows the city to engage in many winter and summer sporting activities. From the Winterlude Festival in the winter to the national Canada Day celebrations in July, the city takes advantage of the wide range of temperatures.

Ottawa, most notable for its capital status, is a city with a rich history. Surrounded by water and with a wide temperature range, the city is home to many sporting events in both the winter and summer. As the capital of Canada, this is a great city to visit.



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