For the second year in a row, the city of London has been voted by travelers as the dirtiest and most untidy city in the whole of Europe. Voters also agreed unanimously that the city is the most expensive and luxurious, with the majority of day-tripper traps in the entire continent. Further, the locals were voted as the worst, poorly dressed in worldwide, while Paris scooped the title with the best-clothed locals.

TripAdvisor conducted the poll on 2,376 European travelers, where 36 per cent of the travelers agreed that among all European cities, London was the most unclean, and then followed closely by Paris which took the second place by a 9 per cent vote. Travelers who voted however thought that London was the city with the best nightlife, the best public parks and the most superb free tourist attractions.

The same poll by TripAdvisor established that travelers considered Prague as the European City that has the best bargains, while Dublin was the city that was the friendliest. The boring European city title went to Brussels. Warsaw was voted as the city with the ugliest structural design; Venice scooped the title of the most romantic European city. The most under-rated city was Krakow, followed closely by Bruges and Edinburgh. The cleanest European city was scooped by Copenhagen.

The Spokesman for TripAdvisor Mr. Luke Fredberg said that each city has its own high and low, but that travelers could never experience such rich culture and enthralling sights anywhere in any other continent, as closely as it is situated in the European continent. Fredberg further said that even though London had emerged as the most expensive and dirtiest city, the outstanding free tourist attractions confirm that one can still relish a wonderful time in the city, even if you aren’t a millionaire.

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