04 May, 2009

Singapore – A Miracle of Evolution


Singapore is the capital city of Republic of Singapore. What is now a very advanced technological city it was first a simple fishing village. It was founded in 1819 as a trading station, and since then, it has become one of the most prosperous cities in the world. Inside its boundaries, there is great variety of nations: Chinese, Malays and Indians. These people live together peacefully due to religious tolerance.

Singapore, the Lion City, is the largest island from the group of islands that make up the state. The most amazing thing about the city is the blend between the Asian tradition and the modern buildings. Temples, skyscrapers, and traditional buildings mix together to give the city a great look.

The reason why all this could be achieved is the economy. Most of the states in that region have a well organized economy, but Singapore has achieved much more than other states. Due to the introduction of the free trade policy, the living standard has risen. Due to the export industry, the economy had an exponential growth. Since 2004, the city became even more advanced. The unemployment figures fell from 3.4 % to 2.8 % in 2006. Also, 9.7 million tourists visited the city in 2006.

An even more impressing thing about Singapore is its airport. Changi Airport is a very efficient, clean and technologically advanced airport. All this must come at a price. The laws are very strict about crimes and other infractions. The punishments can vary from harsh financial penalties to corrective work and even the death penalty.

Still, this city remains an economic and cultural center. There are many festivals and events organized, that keep the cultural identity of people, despite of the modernization of the country and of the city.

Singapore has achieved something that few countries have managed an upward path to great living standards and economic perfection.



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