03 May, 2009

Cincinnati, the Original American City


Located in Hamilton County Ohio, Cincinnati is located on the Ohio River and the Kentucky-Ohio border. The population is approximately 332,000 with in the city. Considered the first American boomtown, it is the first large inland city in the country. Lacking the heavy European influence seen in most east coast cities, it is thought of as the first true American city. Home to several sports teams, including the Cincinnati Bengals and Reds; it hosts several annual sporting events including the Thanksgiving Day Race and the Cincinnati Masters. With a large collection of Germanic architecture, it has one of the biggest historical districts in the country. Many of the buildings in the historic downtown area are listed in the National Register of Historic places.

Founded in 1788 by Colonel Robert Patterson and John Cleves Symmes, it was originally named Losantiville. This name meant many things, including: City opposite the mouth of the Licking River, City Opposite and mouth. It was renamed to “Cincinnati” in 1790 by Arthur St. Clair to honor the Society of the Cincinnati which honors George Washington. Washington was thought of as a modern day Cincinnatus, a Roman dictator who defeated Aequians.

The Miami and Erie Canal was begun in 1825. Connecting the city to Middletown and eventually Toledo, the canal allowed for the rapid growth of the city. With the inclusion of railways, Cincinnati saw an additional growth spurt.

Its climate is considered humid subtropical and sees summers that are humid and hot with cooler evenings. Winters are cold, with just a little snowfall each year, making it a fairly temperate place to live.

The city is home to several major companies. Proter and Gamble, Sunny Delight, The Kroger Company, Macy’s and the United States Playing Card Company all call Cincinnati their home. These companies make for a strong economy for the city.

The temperate climate, several main transportation veins and much business make this city a much sought after place to live



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