Iraq returned its sovereignty over the famous and mighty in the past Babylon, the ancient country, which reign over so many countries during the life of well-known Nebuchadnezzar and bible prophet Daniel. Rich with archeological heritage, this place at last became a possession of Iraq.

Ruins of Babylon are opened for visitors for the first time after intrusion into the country of the USA army. During military operations the ruins was transformed into helicopter platforms, and the invaluable sand of the Babylon which yet has been not investigated by archeologists was used as ballast. Ruins of Babylon are all in hundred kilometers from Bagdad. Once in Babylon there was one of the seven miracles of the world – Hanging Gardens of Semiaride. The first post-war excursion has collected a set of the tourists, wishing to take advantage to examine ruins of the ancient city.

For the first time after falling of Saddam Hussein government in 2003 there has arrived a group of tourists from the West World. The group included eight tourists among whom five British, two Canadians and one American are registered. Three-week round has been organized by a private English company. During the travel starting on eighth of March of current year, tourists have visited historical places of Iraq, including the bible city of Babylon and legendary hanging gardens. It is expected that the given round will show to all world improvement in Iraq and will involve much more tourists in future.

Nowadays, the Iraq government has established a control over the most part of Babylon by imposing fees for visitors and tourists, who would like to see the great heritage of antiquity. For example, for 175$ per night, Iraqis newly-married couples can spend their honeymoon in the wonderful palace, built here by Mr. Hussein about 30 years ago.

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