30 Apr, 2009

Yogyakarta – A Smart Mix of Values


Yogyakarta (also known as Jogja, Yogya or Jogjakarta) is a city in Indonesia with a total surface of over 30 square kilometers. It is located in the Special Region with the same name, and is a cultural and art center of Javanese tradition. This place was the capital city of Indonesia during the National Revolution from 1945 to 1949.

The city’s center is actually to the north, around old buildings and the commercial district. If you are a tourist you can visit Jalan Mailoboro, the main shopping place with markets but also sidewalk vendors. You can also visit the kraton, the Sultan’s palace, around which is region with a very high density of people.

Yogyakarta is divided into 14 districts, one of them being the kraton. If you have time to spend, you can always look for leather puppets used for shadow plays or silver work, or search the markets for samples of game lan music, with other unique styles found only in this region. Also, the city is an underground art center, where many film making communities, musicians and other kind of artists are inspired. Taring Padi is a community that produces posters. If you want to see a more cultural side of the city, you can visit the museums. Some of the major museums are Yogya Kembali and Fort Vredeburg. There is also an air-force museum, that contains samples of Russian aircrafts and other examples like MIG 15, MIG 17, MIG 19, MIG 21 and Tu16 and other samples of American and British aircrafts.

Many nations mix here, making Yogyakarta rich in terms of ethnicity. It is regarded as a major educational city, home to Gadjah Mada University and Indonesian Institute of the Arts. This city is also a major tourist attraction, besides Bali. People come here for the Javanese culture and tradition.

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