30 Apr, 2009

Interesting Information about Calgary, Canada


Located in Alberta, Canada, Calgary is the largest city in that province. With topography of high plains and foothills, it is located east of the Canadian Rockies. With a population of approximately one million it is the third largest city in Canada. The city is a favorite tourist spot for ecotourism and winter sport enthusiasts. Holding several annual festivals such as the Folk Music festival, the One Yellow Rabbit High Performance Rodeo, the Lilac Festival and many more, it is a center of cultural enrichment for the region.

Calgary has several main industries which contribute to its economy. Besides tourism, agriculture and the petroleum industry are present, with the petroleum industry being the main source of income for the region.

Originally settled by the pre-Clovis people, its history dates back more than 11,000 years. Eventually settled by the Europeans, the first documented maps of the area were created in the 1870’s. It is the North-West Mounted Police headquarters, a group that became the royal Mounted Canadian Police and Fort Calgary is located nearby. A fire in 1886 destroyed much of the city and legislation was passed demanding all future buildings be made of stone to ensure there would never be such devastation from a fire again. With the completion of the railroad and a station in 1883, the city experienced massive growth and became an agricultural and commercial center. Today, the headquarters of the Canadian Pacific Railway is housed in Calgary.

The oil boom began in 1902, but it wasn’t until the 1940’s that petroleum became the leading source of income for the city. With the resulting population boom, the city quickly became one of the fastest growing in Canada.

Its climate and geography lend themselves to a scenic backdrop to this culturally diverse town. With a strong economy and large tourist attractions, Calgary is one of the most popular cities in Canada.


Calgary - Downtown Calgary

Downtown Calgary

Calgary - Olympic Plaza in the Arts District

Olympic Plaza in the Arts District

Calgary - University of Calgary Campus

University of Calgary Campus

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