29 Apr, 2009

Yonaguni – Unique in so Many Ways

Yonaguni is a city of Japan. The Yonaguni horse’s is a very rare and unique horse native to Japan. It is a small enough to be a pony at about 11 hands. It is most commonly a chestnut color. This breed was originally used as a farm and transport animal. With its good nature and small size, this horse is now often used in animal therapy. Animal therapy has been proven to help many people including those with autism. This breed is now protected due to how rare it is. The Yonaguni Uma Preservation Meeting was formed with the purpose of increasing the number of these horses. They worked hard to increase the number of these horses from the less than 60 there were in 1975. There are now over 200 of this breed with hopes of more with successful breeding. This horse is worth looking for when on the island.

Unique scuba diving experiences are had in the waters around Yonaguni. Most of the diving in these open sea waters is called drift diving. Dives can be quite challenging as there are no protective reefs. Conditions of high waves and strong currents challenge even the most experienced divers. The draws for divers are the large numbers of hammerhead sharks, caverns, caves and underwater rock formations as well as some disputed underwater ruins. The runes are not known to be manmade or created by nature. It appears to have staircase like terraces with flat sides and distinct corners. Many question if this formation could have been naturally produced or was a structure long ago. Hammerhead sharks are so prevalent between December and February sightings can almost be guaranteed. Occasionally, whale sharks can be seen, though very rarely. For those looking for even more of a challenge the caverns and caves call to be explored.

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