28 Apr, 2009

Geneva, the Capital of the World


Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland after the city of Zurich. It is situated near Lake Leman, where the Rhone River exists. It is a global city due to the presence of many international organisation and it’s considered to be a worldwide centre of diplomacy. Organisations like the United Nations and the Red Cross have their headquarters established in this city. Its population is slightly over 500, 000 inhabitants.

Geneva was established as a border town since it has been conquered by the Romans in 121 B.C. It was fortified against the invasion of the Celto-Germanic peoples. This way the city was always under the spotlight and acquired the latest technology and human resources since its beginning. In the 4th century, it became an Episcopal seat and became part of the Kingdom of Burgundy. The French, the Germans and the Italians took turns in controlling the city. This was until the 1804 when the Swiss Confederation has been founded.

The years of wars and conquers had a positive impact. The final effect is that the wars lead to cultural exchanges. They are responsible for the existent Geneva as we know it today – an international capital of culture, politics and diplomacy. Along with the numerous monuments belonging to all these cultures and the architectural and urban wonders, visitors are also amazed by the natural displays. The city is situated in a place where mountains and valleys meet. Lakes and rivers can be found with ease in the surroundings and the overall landscape is peaceful and relaxing.

Geneva has an economy oriented on services. The city hosts some of the most important private banks of the world. International funds circulating in this amazing city rise to a value not less than 1 trillion US dollars. The city is also renowned for its motor and science festival it hosts.



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