Perhentian Islands

27 Apr, 2009

Perhentian Islands, the Heaven on Earth

Perhentian Islands

Perhentian Islands is a group of islands situated on the northeastern shore of Malaysia. The islands are close to the Thai border. The two components are Besil and Kecil, meaning Big and Small Perhentian. Fishing, coral collection and littering is strictly prohibited as the two islands belong to the Pulau Redang National Park.

The word “Perhentian” means “stopping place” in Malay. Traders traveling between Bangkok and Malaysia used to stop here originating the name. The people inhabiting the islands are fishermen since the very beginning. Now, the main economical activity of Perhentian Islands is tourism. During the 20th century, the islands have also been used as a refuge during the wars.

The complex is renowned for its beaches. The most famous beach is Pasir Panjang. It is located on the Perhentian Kencil. What makes this beach so attractive is the beautiful white sand and the crystal clear water. The crystalline water hosts a wide variety of animals and plants. Some of them can be found just in the surroundings of Perhentian Islands, making them endemic species. Small sharks, jellyfish, turtles and corals are just some of the species popular in this heavenly place.

The amazing beauty of the islands makes it a great destination for tourists. Both the Besil and Kecil islands have palm-fringed beaches covered in white sand. The sea has turquoise blue water. Visitors can detect themselves with several activities both on the beaches and in the forests. On Kecil, one can dive and find a group of small rocky islets. Camping, fishing, trekking and banana boat rides are also very popular activities on Perhentian Islands. Prices are low and hotels are targeting budget travelers. The two islands are a perfect place for spending free time. The landscape there is simply heavenly.

Perhentian Islands

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