Mr. Jose Daniel Echevarria, a spokesman for Puerto Rico’s State Emergency Management Agency announced on Saturday morning that two tourists were found in El Yunque’s rainforests. The tourists who are from Atlanta had no choice but to spend their night in the cold rainforest after losing track of their whereabouts.

The two women, Venetta Harris and Kenisha Campbell got confused while taking a walk through the crowded vegetation of the forest. Kenisha had called 911 on Friday night when they realized they could not find their way out. Their attempts did not bear any much fruit, due to poor network reception in the densely covered area.

32 year old Kenisha Campbell and 31 year old Venetta Harris were hiking in close proximity to the Mameyes and crystal rivers at about 8:00pm on that fateful Friday evening. They perhaps had so much to see that they forgot the park had already closed. Fortunately, they were rescued at around 11:30am at the Torre Carrillo area.

Although the tourists refused to take thorough health assessment, they were lightly treated for exposure and insect bites, and it is believed they are in good health condition. Puerto Rico authorities affirm that this is not the first case for such happenings. Most cases are reported each year where local residents and tourists alike get disoriented and lose track in the rain forests of El Yunque in their attempt to find their way out. This is attributed to the network of trails that acts only to confuse people.

El Yunque is a famous peak in Puerto Rico situated 40km South East of San Juan. The mountain covers approximately 28,000 acres of tropical forest. The forest features over 240 different species of plants and trees, 26 of which cannot be found anywhere else. It got its name from an Indian spirit known as Yuquiye which construes to mean “Forests of Clouds”.

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