27 Apr, 2009

Aberdeen, Scotland – A Haunted Land


There are many documented ghost sightings in Aberdeen. There is a maid, who will not leave the Arts Centre at 31 Kings Street. She hangs around the old top floor flat and wanders around the corridors. A floating face keeps showing up in the Green Room. Aberdeen Ghost Hunters group checked out the sightings in 2008. They were able to recorded electronical interference and get EVP which can be seen as scientific proof that indicates paranormal activity. Aberdeen Central Library, also believed to be haunted, was investigated by the East of Scotland Paranormal Society in 2008. They heard the sounds of footsteps, someone whispering and the sound of a bell.

There are also many ghost sightings that have been reported but not scientifically documented. There is always the possibility to catch sight of a female phantom type figure that can be seen on the landing of the Amatoloa Hotel. On January 1st, 1970 a cloaked and hooded figure with a mask on was seen by a bus stop on the Kincorthland Estate. When approached the figure seemed too dissolved and then vanished. His Majesty’s Theatre seems to have had two haunting. A stage hand that had died from an accident at the theatre was known to haunt it. He stopped in 1982. Then, when renovations were being done on the building, someone could be heard walking around in high heels in areas believed to be empty.

Once day in July 1998, a dark haired lady is seen entering a lift at St. Nicholas house. When the two council workers, who had observed her entre quickly followed her in, she was nowhere to be found. Well on Union Street people have felt someone grabbing their arms or legs and holding them for a few seconds, as if trying to get their attention. Sadly, it is thought to be a little girl who died violently in the area. With these and many more ghostly sightings, Aberdeen would be a good place to go on a ghost walk.


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One Response to “Aberdeen”

  1. Nice article about Aberdeen being haunted, I’ve never really heard about that before. I wonder how long the two council workers took off on sick leave 🙂 The dark haired lady might have asked them to do some work.

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