Zealand, Netherlands

24 Apr, 2009

A Water Wonderland: Zealand, Netherlands

Zealand, Netherlands

Zealand, a province of the Netherlands, is an important tourist destination. Comprised of several islands, and a small strip of land bordering Belgium, the capital is Middleburg. In the south-west of Netherlands, Zeeland has a long history dating back thousands of years. A unique topography of man made islands and dikes, it is actually a river delta with much of the land lying beneath sea level.With its main industries being fishing, service and tourism, Zeeland has a population of approximately 3000 people.

With miles of coast land, tourists flock to this Zealand to enjoy the water and the sun.The vast and beautiful scenery of this area is also a draw. With over 1/3 of the territory under water, its panoramic views are impressive. Rich in history, its many museums and ancient buildings also draw tourists each year.

From reclamation of land lost to the sea to the support of the tourist industry, water is an important part of Zeeland.Its unique geography has shaped the province as its inhabitants learned to build bridges, dikes and tunnels to circumvent the ever present water.Tourists flock her for its beaches and oceanic views.It biggest industry, fisheries, it also based on the water. Water is an important part of life here.

At various times throughout its long history, Zealand has been part of different empires. Holland, Flanders and the Habsburg Dynasty have all laid claim to this area at different times. Currently included in the Netherlands, this area’s rich history includes worship of Nehalennia, an ancient goddess whose image is found throughout the province. Recently, over 150 wooden figurines, carved in her honor, where reclaimed from the sea.

Zeeland is an excellent place to visit. Soaring views and crashing waves as well as a long history mean there is something for everyone here. A well developed tourist industry includes hotels, motels and a well developed infrastructure makes visiting Zeeland easy and pleasant.

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