Marianske Lazne

22 Apr, 2009

The Healing Waters of Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic


There are forty rich mineral springs within Marianske Lazne in the Czech Republic. The town is home to the second biggest Czech spa. The original baths were built in the nineteenth century under the direction of architect V. Skalnik. Many parks and spa pavilions were built in order to create the spa. With pseudo-Baroque, classic and neo-Renaissance elements, the spa is renowned for it beauty. The Singing Fountain, Ambros’s Spring and Ferdinand’s are all well known thought the world.

The spas at Marianske Lazne is purported to have healing properties and several disorders and diseases are treated there. These include: Diseases of the locomotive system, kidney and urinary tract diseases, skin disease, nerve disorders, respiratory tract and digestive system disorders and metabolic diseases. Spa procedures used to cure these disorders include drinking treatments, under which patients drink the waters several times a day, carbon dioxide baths, gas baths, gas injections and peat and mud baths. These treatments are overseen by a trained medical staff. Many visitors seek out the spas for their healing properties.

Marianske Lazne is surrounded by beautiful forests, some of which is under protection. The city has several historical sites including several churches. Perhaps the greatest attraction is the Singing Fountain. Located at the center of the spas, it is a large round pool with a stone sculpture reminiscent a flower. Within the fountain, 10 systems supply water to 250 water jets. Each day on the odd hour, music is played to the accompaniment of the rushing water. And at 10 pm a light show is also visible.

Famous for its spas and healing waters, Marianske Lazne is a town centered on the spas. Nestled in the Czech forest, the spa’s architectural beauty is renowned. Under trained medical personnel, the various treatments offered at the spa are purported to cure many disorders and diseases. This spa is truly a wonder.

Marianske Lazne

Marianske Lazne

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