Thailand is truly a fabulous destination that grants something unique to its visitors coming from places all around. The destination, which is even dearly called as “Land of Smiles” is known for the extravagant beaches which were divulged some 4 decades before. With the increased economical pitfalls, visitors and tourism have been diminished and the admission to Bangkok’s airports remains to be blocked in the month of December.

The organization of the South East Asian Nations pinnacle at the south coastal city of Pattaya was cancelled over the weekend. This move promises to hit the tourism business in the country. The supporters of the present government are called the yellow shirts and the protestors are called the red shirts. The former Prime Minister Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra hold along with the full support of the red shirts. Everyone in all of Bangkok is right now watching the television and signaling have been placed.

Bruce Bugajski, a man from Arizona came in as a tourist to Thailand in a cab with red ribbon which held the significance of the cab driver being a supporter of the red shirts. The water dousing ritual which is part of the festival of Songkran in Thailand was in full blast and kids happily played around with their little squirt guns pointing at tourists and squirting at them.

On the other side of the country there were no play guns. There were real guns being fired, a mass riot taking place, and the police fought against the protestors while the tourist ran for their lives.

Thailand is one of the most frequented tourism spots of the world. The government of Thailand has been spending millions of dollars to further improve the tourism industry. And because of these violent riots the governments of other countries in Europe and Asia pacific have warned their citizens from travelling to Thailand on tourism. The secretary general of Tourism Council of the Land of Smile (Thailand) says in a press report that she hopes that the issue will be sorted out soon and in the best interests of the country.

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