Temple of Kalasasaya

18 Apr, 2009

Exploring the Temple of Kalasasaya

Temple of Kalasasaya

Temple of Kalasasaya is one of the most imposing temples found in South America today; it is located in Tiwanaku in Bolivia and is a solid and large structure of 130 x 120 meters. Even approaching the temple the visitors are impressed by the majestic and massive structure and the very nice and unique architectural design which placed it among the most well appointed temples in the world.

The main entrance of the Temple of Kalasasaya is a large staircase close to the east walls. Since the original designs of the time were similar, the temple, as Akapana ritual centre, features a sunken court in the middle – according to experts and historians this allowed people to gather around it and participate to the celebrations and rituals that took place in the temple. The Temple consists of two major pieces, the walls and array of pillars.

The name of the Temple refers to the Temple of Stopped Stones in the local language. Its construction is particularly interesting as the initial design was based on the alignment of the Temple of Kalasasaya with astronomical elements. This is the reason why many people believe that the actual temple features spiritual powers and auras beyond the common human knowledge and understanding. Studies show that the temple was built based on the position of sun in the sky, during the equinox of the fall.

The investigations and researches that took place in the area allowed us to understand and acknowledge the civilisation of Tiwanaku more; it was a complex but advanced culture that probably would have left a lot to the modern culture of Bolivia if it was not destroyed by earthquakes and other natural disasters. The Temple of Kalasasaya is a great witness and resource of information about the important civilization that compares with the Incas and influenced the evolution and development of the area.

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