The White Temple Thailand – A Unique and Impressive Temple

The White Temple, Thailand

South of the town of Chiang Rai, lays the Wat Rong Khun, which is mostly known as the White Temple Thailand. It is a modern and very unconventional Buddhist temple designed by Chalermchai Kositpipat. Its construction started back in 1998 and ended ten years later. The most amazing and distinctive feature of this temple is its color: the temple is called white because it is indeed ivory white. The only variances in the appearance are the reflections of light and the small tiles that decorate this building – piece of art, which create some sort of contrast.

The white color was not picked up accidentally. It stands for the purity of Buddha and the small tiles reflect the wisdom of Buddha that shines all over the Earth and the Universe. Every detail designed and constructed in the temple represents something: the bridge that leads to the White Temple represents the cycle of rebirth and the semi-circle just before it represents the world of humans. The temple seems to be more like a gigantic sculpture than anything else; it is a huge artwork that impresses the visitors right away. Visitors have, usually; hard time to explain and describe it as it needs to be seen in person so as to get an accurate sense of what is it about.

The White Temple is actually a complex of 9 buildings; each one was constructed with a mixture of modern Buddhist and traditional Thai architecture. There is no gold or red paint anywhere of course and features incredible details of art work in finishes and all surfaces. The artwork is mostly attached to the temple rather than carved on it. The most noticeable elements of the decoration are the gigantic teeth that stand for passion and desire and the small pond with the arms sticking out – that represents our world and its needs.

The White Temple, Thailand

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