The Isle of Man

15 Apr, 2009

The fascinating Isle of Man

The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a unique place, known for its beauty and diverse history. It is located in the Irish Sea, between the UK and Ireland. Despite its small size it offers a wide range of attractions and events, featuring lots of activities that can satisfy even the most demanding visitors. The island has pretty much everything to offer; from bizarre water wheels, to golf and tennis, or diving with sharks. It also features one of the most known motorcycle contests and races in Europe, during which sport motorcycles race on the island roads.

Some people visit the Isle of Man due to the calmness and seclusion it can offer. Some others are fascinated by the diversity of the ambience and the historical value of the place. Whether they come for the action or relaxation, they can enjoy the vast array of settlements and monuments on the island. There are numerous remaining from the Celtic Era or the Vikings passing. Castles and fortresses denote and depict the story of the Island in the most tangible and efficient way, fascinating tourists and travelers of all ages.

The Isle of Man is a Crown dependency that belongs to the British Isles, but it’s not a part of the UK. The particular status of the Isle refers to the fact that the UK is responsible for the defense, the foreign relations and the good governance of the island. Queen is also considered to be the head of the Crown, but still it doesn’t belong to the official British Country.

The name Isle of Man is very old, but its origins are somewhat unknown. The common belief is that it comes from the words Ellan Vannin which in Gaelic could be translated as the Island of Man. Julius Caesar referred to this island as Mona.

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