Knockan Crag

15 Apr, 2009

The unique landscape of Knockan Crag in Scotland

Knockan Crag

Located at the furthest north of Scotland, the Knockan Crag is the most known European landscape, featuring unique geological findings. It is a place that tells people stories about the formation of landscapes in Europe and all over the world. The visitors have the chance to see some of the most impressive and unique geological formations that exist in the world, including ancient seas and oceans that have disappeared, ice formations and sheets of desert.

More than three thousand years of history are hidden amidst the geological phenomena and formations in Knockan Crag. The landmass that forms now Scotland evolved through long geological processes and became what we see and know today. Visitors have the chance to follow the different stages of this development, through massive pieces of land; the global processes that took place here are shown to the visitors through videos, exhibitions or art crafts and interactive displays.

Several scientific studies have taken place in this area, as the entire region helped experts understand how some complicated landscapes were formed not only in Britain, but in other places in the world. For instance, a phenomenon observed in the Himalayas was finally explained, through demonstrations and comparisons of the actual processes that took place in Knockan Crag.

Being such an important place for the world, the area hosts today numerous tourist and scientific facilities, allowing individuals but also professionals to come there so as to meet and study this unique phenomenon. The facilities and amenities available in the area are sponsored and preserved by the National Institution of Natural Heritage in Scotland, while many geological institutions run studies and researches there every year, organising conventions and live demonstrations.

Knockan Crag is the Gaelic word for the small hill. It is situated in close proximity to the city of Ullapool in northern Scotland.

Knockan Crag

Knockan Crag visitor centre

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